School Books

Student Success

At back-to-school time we take great pride in looking after the educational needs of our customers. We know that our knowledge of your schoolbook requirements is always reassuring. We service schoolbook schemes to many schools in the broader West Cork area. We also give in store 10% discount to parents and students on all schoolbooks, textbooks and workbooks, primary and post-primary throughout the Summer and before schools re-open.

We have all you need to build a solid educational structure

Text Books

The Blocks

The textbook is the core, the block work, of our course. We will lay it solidly with application and dedication. Now we have a foundation.

Revision Books

The Cement

With the learning blocks laid, the cement that binds our work together are the revision notes and exam. aids.

Test Papers

The Plaster

Finally the examination papers are the plaster to seal the previous layers of hard work.

Full Range of Schoolbooks

We are stockists for the full range of schoolbooks and textbooks from educational suppliers Folens, C.J.Fallon, Edco, Gill, Prim-ed,, Veritas, Out of the Box, Áis, Lámha, Cúnta, Mentor, Forum, Jolly Phonics and broad selection of novels for Primary, Junior Cert and Leaving Cert curriculum

To all our students we wish them well in their continuing progress. At this stage of their lives we trust that they may get a helping hand from the wisdom of Mahatma Gandi on the Indian continent, when he said that "The future depends on what you do today," or a lift from the inspiration of Nelson Mandela on the African continent whose abiding experience was that "It always seems impossible until it’s done."

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