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At the Skibbereen Bookshop we offer a wide variety of reading materials from contemporary Irish and international fiction and poetry, non fiction, history, archaeology and Irish culture, as well as books for children, teens and young adults. Browsers are always welcome,  and our staff are happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Adult Fiction

As an independent bookshop, all titles are personally selected by our experienced team, so we will always have a few unusual books that are off the beaten track.  Our collective tastes and interests all playing a part in the book selection process.

We have developed a name over the years for having a surprisingly good selection and unexpected titles for a bookshop of our modest size.

We carry a varied range of fiction, including Irish authors, national best sellers, classic literature and a spot of poetry.

Occasionally a scattering of fiction and poetry by local authors becomes available.

If your tastes veer towards the fantastical, you will find many incredible tales to choose from on the Fantasy and Science Fiction shelves.

Adult Non Fiction

Included in our inventory are books on cookery and nutrition, nature, wildlife and gardening.

Discover new picturesque walks to wander. Pick up a guide book or map for your staycation or to plan that well deserved trip abroad.

You can find biographies, books on personal growth and spirituality, with texts that in turn inspire and motivate, offering wisdom, comfort and good humour.

You are sure to find something engaging, to deepen our understanding of the world around us in the current affairs section.

Children’s Books

We take great pleasure in selecting pleasurable and stimulating reads for every young book lover who graces our premises. We cater to youth of all ages, from babies who enjoy cloth and colourful board  books through teenage years to young adult.

Supplying books which encourage a love for the written word is a privilege we do not take for granted.

Good storytelling, compelling characters, striking illustrations and relatable plots will help inspire, entertain and comfort young people during their young lives.

As many parents seek material to help their children cope with every changing emotions and situations, we have a well developed section which includes books helpful to physical, and emotional maturity.

Local Interest

We are greatly interested in the display and promotion of books of local interest. The growth of local publications in the Skibbereen area took a real step forward 21 years ago during the millennium celebrations. At that time many local areas and parishes sought to confidently present their local lore, local folklore and local histories.  People had a new found confidence in valuing their localities, their stories and histories. That need for telling was evident from the 16 new local publications which graced the bookshop shelves in the year 2000 and continues apace to today.   

Our present local stock includes publications from Skibbereen, Baltimore, Castlehaven, Heir Island, Sherkin Island, Cape Clear Island, Oldcourt, Lough Hyne, Schull and the wider West Cork area.

Titles of Some Local Publications

Irish Interest

Much of Skibbereen and district cultural history revolves around the Famine and Famine times arguably the single greatest event in Irish history. Five years ago we had the pleasure of meeting a man in our bookshop of ninety six years of age who was physically and mentally as agile as any sixty year old. He was born in 1920.He remembered sitting on his grandfather’s lap and being told about Famine stories- his grandfather had lived through and survived the Famine. Such is the closeness of modern Irish history in the mind and in time. Much has been written about Ireland during the 150 years post Famine. With all its attendant political, and sometimes violent history, its intrigue, its leaders, rebellion, independence in 1921, constitution in 1937, republic in 1949 and revisionism of recent years it has evolved into a modern democracy.

In our bookshop we do our best to keep abreast of books of Irish interest and Irish history, pre-and post-Famine.

Book Ordering Service

If you seek a book featured on our website you may telephone or e-mail us to reserve your copy which may be paid for when you visit our shop in Skibbereen. We will reserve your book ready for collection.


Our Book of the Month

Diving For Pearls. Jamie O' Connell

We are delighted to see north Cork native Jamie O’Connell’s gripping début novel doing so well.
The author is no stranger to Dubai having visited friends there on many occasions. He was struck by the juxtaposing of futuristic glamour and a dark old-world underbelly.
He pays tribute to this enigmatic city by weaving a vibrant tale set in both Dubai and Ireland.

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