Book of the Month

This month’s book of the month is “Fastnet” by Stephen Redmond.

Stephen Redmond was the first in the world to complete the Oceans Seven, a series of seven grueling cross-channel swims in different parts of the globe, and yet his greatest challenge has been the 44-kilometre swim around the Fastnet Lighthouse off the south coast of Ireland. 

In this fascinating book, written in a witty, self-deprecating style, he recounts his previous successes, how the Fastnet challenge began to dominate his life, and how he manages to overcome the many demons that plague him and to believe in his own destiny.

This is a tale of great self-honesty and courage and will be of great interest to anyone facing great challenges in their life

“The water does not know how old I am. This is what I keep telling myself, as today I am feeling old and tired. It has been a month since my last attempt and I am facing my monster again. My nemesis.” – Steve